Individual travels through schwitzerland by sportscar, boat and/or motorcycle

Cruise ‘n Sight ltd wants to give you the opportunity to see the beauty and the details of Switzerland in an incredible way. There are many ways to travel through Switzerland. We want to show you our way: exclusive sportscars, our boat and/or with motorcycls. Enjoy the nature, the culture and the Swiss cuisine particularly with heart, intuition and passion!

The duality of our journeys is what we are very proud of. We organize the route planning, hotel, sightseeing for you alone, with us or for a group and the suitable sportscar over 400 hp.

Have you always wanted to travel through Switzerland and meanwhile enjoy your passion for engines? Have you always wanted to know how and where to experience speed and the feelings of bends in Switzerland?

Switzerland offers a variety of possibilities to enjoy this feeling and to cultivate it. Maybe not on the first sight…

But we organize a journey customized for you, no matter where you want to go, with which vehicle of the premier league, whether with your own car or with a rented one. We can rent most sportscars of the premier league with our partner companies.

You want to take that journey alone or with a partner, slow or as soon permit the bends...your partner prefers to do sightseeing while you enjoy the feeling of your car. Everything is possible!

We offer individual track tours with traditional restaurants or hotels in the region. The grade of Luxury is in your hands. Waking up in over 1800 metres over sea level, dine in a grotto or enjoy an evening in a 5 star hotel at the Lago Maggiore…you decide your journey and the exclusiveness...we organize the journey for you!

It is perfect for all of you who don’t want to take care of the organization of a vehicle or the track...As a company event for members of the cadre or as a gift for your partner, who want to act out their dreams of the bend feeling away from the race track on a public street without losing your licence...we know where and how...All that matters is YOUR passion on sportscar!

Would you like to cruise over the Lago Maggiore with the company owned boat or enjoy a sightseeing tour to the different sights of the Lago Maggiore? Or would you like to swim individually in the lake and/or do some water ski or bananaboat? Or you could also just want to enjoy a high speed ride (over 85 km/h) from Locarno or Ascona to the end of the lake in 64 km distance? If you just want to be guided to a beautiful dinner on the Isola Pescatori? You are right with US!!

Do you want to compare the tours on one day with a sportscar and on the other day with a motorbike? Do you want to experience the bend feeling on a mountain pass tour within the limits of speed that are legal? Do you think that is not possible in Switzerland? Well, let us surprise you with a journey organized by us.

We offer tours from daytrips to a 5-day-trip. With us you will have an individual journey through one of the most beautiful countries in the world: Switzerland!

Just contact us and we will create YOUR journey through Switzerland for you!