About us

The passion of the head of Cruise ‘n Sight ltd is to organize individual journeys and events with exclusive sportcars and supersportcars in and out of Switzerland. We have made it our job to share this passion with you.

Our offers are for people who share the enthusiasm for sportcars and want to combine sightseeing with the pleasure of driving a car or a motorbike in the mountains or around beautiful lakes. From the classic mountain passes to local insider knowledge that you will not find in any travel guides.

It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy the spectacular landscape with your own car or if you would like to get the impression in a rented sportscar.

We also organize events for people who love motorsport and want to experience this passion on a racetrack in an exclusive form.

Our offers are ideal for company events individually organized or as a voucher to make a loved person’s dream come true...

Beside the organization of driving routes with our without the guidance of Cruise ‘n sight and special racetrack events, we also organize Hotels and other typically Swiss destination for a middle and upper price class. Video recording during the journeys is optionally done as well. If you love driving but your partner doesn’t share this passion that much, we also take care of sightseeing in that particular region or other entertainment possibilities for your partner.

It is also possible to enjoy a special boat tour on the Lago Maggiore. Both the Swiss and the Italian parts of the 64 km large Lago Maggiore are very interesting. It is a spectacular experience to see the different sights from the seaside.

What is most important to us is that the journeys are individually organized, whether you like to take a journey alone, with a partner, fast, slow, with a dreamcar, motorbike, boot or everything together…

...and especially YOUR passion for sportscar and travelling...literally Cruise `n Sight!

Tell us your ideas and what you want to experience and we will try to fit your desires with an individually organized event!