Exclusive drift training Audi driving experience Winter

We offer: Exclusive and drifting training in snow in Seefeld near Innsbruck, Germany, for a maximum of 10 participants with the Audi S4 Avant 3.0 T Quattro.

Our offer is ideal for company events individually organized or as a voucher to make a loved person’s dream come true...

The event will be performend by Audi driving experience on the snow and ice terrain near Seefeld. A maximum of 10 participants will have the opportunity to get a real feeling for ice and snow away from the street on an open terrain with the Audi S4 Quattro for a full day.

The race track will belong to only our group for that day. This is ideal for the optimal learning effect and the maximal driving pleasure!

Our training will consist of vehicle control, racing line, as well as controlled driving. Drifting will be tought in context of the subject vehicle control, a training parcour and of course drive, drive, drive!

As we are only a very small group it is possible to adapt the training idividually to the participants, so that the learning effect is clearly noticeable in daily life, no matter what car you normally drive.

No experience is needed for the development or drifting training.

This course is for women, men and/or couples...

The event will take place on:


Ice-& Snow     places available:  on demand


The arriving date is one day before the event.

The price for this exclusive intensive training - that is only available with us - is CHF 1980.- per participant (10 participant assumend). The event, two nights at a 4 star hotel, dinner and the catering on the racetrack will be included.

It is also available to book this event from Germany. The cost will be 1600.- Euro per participant.

As the places for this event are limited, please fill in the registration form previous to the event. The reservation will be considered valid as soon as the reservation fee is paid. Check the terms and conditions for more information.