Cruise `n Sight Racing Events

Cruise `n Sight goes racing with you!

With our Corvette ZR1 we participate in a lot of races and trackdays in Switzerland and internationally, among others in the Swiss Slalom Championship. We are also part of a big Corvette community in Switzerland and we act also in other regions in europe.

Through the racing and Corvette events we get the chance to meet people and to be seen as all the events have a lot of specators.

You too can be seen!

With your publicity on the Corvette ZR1 we make sure that you are present at every one of our events. Place your company logo on our racecar and benefit from being seen and photographed, as each event attracts a lot of photographers and interested people.

The audience will see your publicity on the racecar and will automatically connect your company with something they like a lot. A profitable investment at a low price! Once you contact us, we gladly tell you more about the cost of this beautiful way of publicity. We can assure you, it is less than you might think!


You find us at the following events every year:

Slalom Training Ambri 14th April 2018
Slalom Frauenfeld 21stApril 2018
Slalom Interlaken 28th April 2018
Track Day Hockenheimring 25th May 2018
Tuner GP Hockenheimring 1st - 3rd June 2018
Track Day Spa-Francorchamps 25th June 2018
Track Day Nürburgring Nordschleife 13th/14th July 2018
40. Corvette Euro Meet Bresse (F) 21st/22nd July 2018
29. Super Corvette Sunday Buchs 26th August 2018
Slalom Anneau du Rhin (F) 1st September 2018
Slalom Ambri 06th Oktober 2018

...additionally we can be found at many more trainings and trackdays not listed here!

Just contact us for more possibilities about how you can be a part of this experience. It will be worth it!